OJSC «SvetlogorskKhimvolokno»
Stand D-2, pavilion 55

Stand D-2, pavilion 55

Stand D-2, pavilion 55

OJSC «SvetlogorskKhimvolokno» is taking part in 56-th Federal wholesale fair “Textilelegprom”. Venue – Moscow, VDNH, date - 21-24 September.

The whole branded assortment will be exhibited:·                   

  • Polyester textile yarns (including yarns with functional properties);

  • Unique heat-resistant commodities under ARSELON® trade mark;

  • Carbon materials and sewing items carbon based;

  • Wide range of spunmelt NWs (SpunBel®, AquaSpun®, MediSpun, SpunBel HG, BUDAR ®);

  • Polymer products.

Pay attention to our specialty – Meltblown nonwoven material, that OJSC «SvetlogorskKhimvolokno» has been producing since the end of 2020. Meltblown has high filtration rate; material can attract and hold the finest particles on its surface (dust, bacterium, viruses). Material consists of microfilaments with thickness of 1 to 5 microns (30 times thinner than a human hair). Due to such thickness Meltblown has homogeneous structure and increased barrier properties (BFE can be more than 99%). Material is used for disposable medical clothes, masks, respirators manufacturing. In addition Meltblown has high sorption rate, that’s why it also can be used for cleaning of any surfaces from contamination with oil, oil products, liquidation of emergency spills and leaks of oil, oil products, incl. on water objects. 

You are most welcome to visit us at stand D-2, pavilion 55.

Our specialists will provide you with all information concerning goods and cooperation. Product samples are also available.



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