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Laminated fabric

Polypropylene laminated fabric is effectively used in building industry in the function of vapor-proofing and dampproofing material in roofing, especially with metal shingles roof covering. It is effectively used in flat-deck roofs preventing it from steam penetration to the warm keeping system of the flat-deck roofs. It is used as waterproofing layer of interstorey covering, under sandy-cement screed and for grider foundations. It can function as a temporary roofing.


Special aspects of the construction: Presence of air-gaps draft- not less than 50 mm in draft-proof roofing. Membrane is placed overlapping not less than 150 mm, with gluing all joints and laps.


Indicator name

Surface density, g/m2

80±10, 95±10

composition of fiber


Basis + cover

55+25, 65+30

Width, cm

130±2, 140±2, 150±2, 158±2

Breaking load, N, min