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Nonwoven materials are made by the extrusion of polypropylene filament yarns with the subsequent hydrobonding (Spunbond-Spunlace technology). Unlike classical nonwoven materials, AquaSpun has special breaking strength, softness and high indicators of tactile comfort close on the effect to natural cotton due to preliminary thermofixation of a cloth on calender and the subsequent additional hydrobonding in construction unit AquaJet Spunlace®. High hydrophilic and absorbing properties are provided by the application of additives. For giving the salience there is a possibility to put drawing on a surface of a material by hydropressing method.

Assortment of nonwoven materials

  • Surface density: 30-150 gsm;
  • Width of a roll cutting: from 65 to 3200 mm;
  • Diameter of a roll: from 200 to 1300 mm
  • Weight of a roll at the width of 3,2 m.: to 770 kg
  • AquaSpun can be made with antistatic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, non-flammable, antimicrobic additives;

Spheres of application

  • Wet and dry wipes
  • Towels
  • Cosmetic masks
  • Back and absorbent layers of hygienic products for women and baby pants
  • Spirituous napkins
  • Clothes for surgeons: headdresses, surgical boots, shirts, trousers, jackets, dressing gowns, and overalls
  • Disposable bedding: pillowcases, bed-sheets, and draw-sheets
  • Facemasks
  • For construction of roads and railways, tunnels, pipelines, bridges, hydraulic structures, grounds for keeping rubbish
  • While carrying out landscape works: paving flag laying, lawn-making
  • In water-proof films as absorption layer
  • Packing material for parquet flooring
  • As water- saturating and water-holding interlaying layer in frozen-food (meat, vegetable, fruit etc.) containers
  • For packing all kinds of products of all branches of industry
Textile and garment industry
  • Overalls for all kinds of industry
  • Thermal insulation of overclothes
  • As packing material for manufacturing home textile products

For filters and filtration systems used in liquid and dehydrated medium

Automotive industry
  • Heat-insulation and noise insulation
  • Basis for carpet rolls
  • Automobile protecting cover
  • Wipes
Furniture trade
  • Upholstery of surfaces not covering by tapestry material (replacement of cheap cotton goods)
  • Heater warmer protection
  • Upholstery of the bottom and back walls of mattresses
  • For spring block protection (covers manufacturing, packing of independent springs)
  • For strengthening of seams
  • As a dividing layer between a fabric, packing and forming material
Machine industry, chemical, light and footwear industry

Materials for wiping of industrial purpose