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Rail bags

A rail bag is produced of a polypropylene laminated fabric of a box type with folding covers (valves) that have slings and strings for fastening.

Characteristics of rail bags

Qualitative characteristics

Width, m

3,2 + 0,2

Length, m

13,1 + 0,2

Height, ì

2,0 + 0,3

Weight, kg

18 + 2


Rail bags are used for unpackaged transportation of technical sulphur, quicklime, ammoniac saltpeter, silicate sodium, nitric phosphatic fertilizers and other loose and bulk cargo.


  • increased safety of explosive cargo transportation as the possibility of finely dispersed suspension of dust formation is excluded;
  • protection of transported cargo from precipitation, influence on air humidity and other external factors;
  • Increased environmental transport;
  • absence of spillages through structural gaps and door space wagon;
  • absence of contact of the product with a metal car body.

The gondola car prepared for the loading.


The gondola car prepared for the transportation.