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SpunBel HG

SpunBel HG


Breathable laminates are widely used in the health industry as the outer layer of children and adult diapers, feminine hygiene products. Modern technology allows to create a microporous protective layer that keeps moisture inside the diaper, it allows the skin to breathe.

SpunBel HG - breathable material consisting of two layers connected by adhesive means:
1st layer: thermobonded nonwoven SpunBel;
2nd layer: microporous (breathable) polyethylene film.





  • surface density of 25 - 90 g / m2;
  • roll width: 1500 mm;
  • maximum roll diameter: 1000 mm;
  • maximum roll weight: 500 kg.

Bonding: Adhesive odorless.
It is possible to apply print up to 4 colors by flexo-printing method. Water-based paints.

Main advantages:

  • breathability;
  • water resistance (leakage protection);
  • softness, provides a pleasant tactile feel.

In addition, we produce:

  • top sheet (top layer);
  • wrap layer;
  • nonwovens with flexographic printing;

At this moment, we develop manufacturing of two- and three-layer composite materials:

1st layer: hydrophilic non-woven fabric;
2nd layer: breathable polyolefin film;
3rd layer: thermobonded nonwoven material.

Area of application: medical clothing, surgical kits, Surgical drapes, kits for pregnant women, etc ..

For the production of multi-layer materials we use non-woven polypropylene thermobonded material SpunBel and / or a hydrophilic nonwoven AquaSpun of our own production, made on the specialized equipment Reicofil-IV. The structure of multi-layer materials provides comfortable operation of hygiene products in contact with the person.