OJSC «SvetlogorskKhimvolokno»

Big Bag


  • Use of a wide range of powdered and granular materials;
  • Variety of constructive variants;
  • Minimum weight of a container at the carrying
  • Efficiency of loading and unloading operations in the packing, storage and transportation;
  • The ability to store good outdoor;
  • Delivery by any kind of transport;
  • Small loss of a product at all stages of treatment;
  • Ecological safety;
  • The possibility of recycling and multi-usage;
  • Low price


  • The width of the circular fabric is 600-220 mm
  • Safety working load (SWL) 500-1500 kg
  • Single use, safety factor is 5:6; 6:1
  • 1, 2 & 4 loops designs
  • Filling and discharge spout, with PE inner liner.
  • Four colored print


  • Chemical industry (fertilizers, synthetic resins, derergents, powders, chemicals, granular polymers, various mixtures and solutions) ;
  • Mining industry (mineral fertilizers, salt, fine ore, etc.);
  • Petrochemical industry ( peat, granular products);
  • Iron and steel industry (small scrap, shavings, chips, powders and supplements);
  • Wood working industry (chips, sawdust);
  • Agro-industrial complex (grain, feed, flour, sugar, bran, etc.);
  • Constructions: cement, dry building mixes