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Non-woven needle-punched

Non-woven needle-punched

We produce three types: polyester PE, viscose B, combined PEV (polyester with bicomponent fiber in different percentage ratio)


Geotextiles for
  • Construction and repair of highways and structures;
  • Construction and repair of railways;
  • Ballasting of gas pipelines and oil pipelines, etc

      Used in road works; At the base of the roadbed and the earth sheet; On slopes; In drainage devices and structures of surface drainage. The main purpose of using geotextiles is to ensure the reliable functioning of roads and other transport construction objects or their individual elements in difficult operating conditions.

Basis for linoleum, polymer coatings
  • Base for artificial leather
  • The base for the table oilcloth
  • Basis for linoleum

     The maximum width of the roll is 220 cm. The winding of the base in rolls up to 250 running meters, allows for the production of linoleum to significantly reduce the loss of raw materials by reducing the number of joints. The basis for linoleum allows to provide high heat and soundproof properties of linoleum, stability of technical parameters (surface density, elongation, shrinkage, etc.) along the length and width of the base. The production of large volumes is possible. Base color white.

Cloths for construction
  • For internal construction work
  • For insulation of pipelines
Blades for the shoe industry
  • For the production of insoles;
  • For the production of shoe covers, as an internal insulation.

Different colors can be used: black, gray, brown.

Fabrics for the furniture industry
Needle-punched fabric, thermo-bonded thermo-bonded fabric.
  • Tightening of spring blocks in the production of upholstered furniture and mattresses
  • Coverings of springs of upholstered furniture
  • As a cushioning material for duplicating upholstery fabrics.

Coating of springs with needle punching provides softness and comfort of the product, preserving the shape and elasticity of the spring unit.
Materials are not toxic, do not decompose with water, do not oxidize, do not rot.
Materials do not have a harmful effect on the human body with direct contact, do not cause allergies.

Cloths are available in different colors: white, black, gray.

Cloths for packing
  • For the damping of the contact of products with rigid containers and as a layer between pallets loaded with a load in several stages needle-punched and volumetric thermo-bonded fabric are used.
Cloths for insulation materials

     Non-woven fabric is used as noise insulation materials. It is the non-woven substrate that gives exceptional properties to materials for inter-storey hydro, noise insulation, used in the construction of buildings and structures.

Physical and mechanical properties



Width, cm


Thickness, mm


The surface density is g/m2.

100 - 1000

Weight unevenness,%, max


Breaking load in length, N, min


Breaking load in width, N, min


Actual humidity,%, max


Work with needle-punched fabric does not require additional precautions
Packing: the cloth rolls up into a roll, is packed in paper or polyethylene film and tied.
The length of the roll is not less than 50 to 300 running meters
The warranty period of storage is 1 year.
Transportation: by all types of covered transport.