OJSC «SvetlogorskKhimvolokno»

Polypropylene bags


  • convenient for storage, palletizing and transportation form of a bag;
  • high strength at loads;
  • water resistance and breathability;
  • brewing technology without the use of adhesive substances;
  • high tightness of a bag (sack) by welding technologies;
  • microperforation excluding permeability of a packed product;
  • weight of a bag (sack) is less than the weight of a paper bag of box type.
Sizes of sacks:
  • width: 40–60 cm;
  • length 45–48 cm;
  • width of the bottom 8–18 cm;
  • fabric density 70g/m2, laminated cover 20–25 g/m2;
  • four coloured flexoprint.
Sizes of sacks
A — width of the bag
B — length of the bag
C — width of the bottom
D — length of the valve
E — width of the valve
There are following specifications of the bags of box type:
  • bag with a valve;
  • open bag;
  • carrier bag with a spout.


  • construction materials: cement, dry mortar;
  • minerals: gypsum, lime carbonate, crushed marble, calcium carbonate, salt, sand, etc.;
  • chemical and petrochemical products: fertilizers, granular polymer, soda, PVC, additives such as masterbatch, etc.;
  • foods (for this variant the top is open, without a valve): flour, corn, cereals, sugar.