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Nonwoven geotextile

Nonwoven geotextile

График АкваСпан

Nonwoven materials AquaSpun destination geotextile manufactured with a surface density of 70 to 250 sgm.

High efficiency of AquaSpun is achieved through a unique combination of the following characteristics:

  • higher tensile strength and (for punching the ball and the breakdown of the cone) performance compared with needle-punched fabrics.  By their strength characteristics AquaSpun surface density of up to 250 sgm corresponds needlepunched webs weighing 500 - 600 sgm. This allows the use of the AquaSpun fabrics lower density, which ultimately leads to significant cost savings in the regeneration of building projects;
  • indicators AquaSpun filtration coefficient higher than that of non-woven needle-punched fabrics;
  • in its application of the filtration characteristics use of nonwovens AquaSpun replaces 10-15 cm. sand;
  • AquaSpun does not rot, fungus and mold exposure, root penetration, resistant to chemical acids and alkalis. Materials are not destroyed by exposure to the sun due to the presence of UV stabilizers.

The main functions of nonwoven materials AquaSpun & SpunBel:

  • filtration
  • separation
  • drainage
  • reinforcement