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Start-up of “Meltblown” production

Start-up of “Meltblown” production

Start-up of “Meltblown” production

OJSC “SvetlogorskKhimvolokno” is the major producer of nonwoven materials in Republic of Belarus, introducing a new product named “Meltblown” to the market.

Due to technology of production, a new material Meltblown obtains a high efficiency of bacterial filtration (BFE≥99%) because of its ability to attract and filter out the minute particles (e.g. dust, bacteria, viruses).
Putting the line into operation allows OJSC “SvetlogorskKhimvolokno” to be the only company in the Republic of Belarus, that will supply a wide range of nonwoven materials for medical breathing masks and respirators’ production.
Realization of so important investment product for Belarus is caused by the necessity for assure the local market with strategically important product that has been in short supply and imported earlier.
Either spreading of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) or new predicted disease outbreaks call the necessity for investment project realization in the shortest terms.
The availability of our own manufacturing of nonwoven material “Meltblown” will provide the market with high quality products and will help raw materials to be more procurable for medical breathing masks production. Also it will enhance the capabilities of the medical items with high barrier and filter functions release and reduce the cost of final goods and make it more accessible for customers. 

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