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Haevy duty cloth

Haevy duty cloth


  • protective lining: aluminum and other Me spatters, welding protection, oil industry;
  • protective gloves: aluminum and other Me spatters, welding protection, oil industry;
  • filtering bag for hot gas filtration (250 °C 480 °F and higher, heavy duty filtering);
  • awnings for high-temperature cargo (asphalt, charge etc.).

Arselon is fibrous polymer of poly-para-phenilen-1,3,4-oxadiazole.

High thermal resistivity is key factor to use fabrics at temperature 250 °C (480 °F) for the period up to 3 years; the fabrics can resist to 400 °C (750 °F) for a minutes and without shrinkage and melting.

The fabric strong and wear-resistive (durable).

Stable elasticity at low and high temperature.

The fabric is resistive to organic acids and solvents, to oils (mineral and synthetic), moderately resistive to diluted inorganic acids and alkalis. The fiber itself has very high electrical insulation properties.

Fabric napping (optional) offers new range of properties among with new applications.

Arselon® — heavy duty cloth:

Some technical parameters
Surface weight (average), g/m2 470
Surface weight (average) of fabric with nap, g/m2 550–600
Breathability of fabrics with nap 60—100L/dm2 x min (200 Pa)
Width of fabric, cm 75; 91; 95, 125; 200 max
Textile structure twill
Breaking loading, N warp 1800
weft 1300
Breaking elongation, % warp 5
weft 5
Disclaimer: indicated parameters are for reference only and not to be construed as any contract specification.